........... combine your tour by displaying power, skill and lots more.

Rugby is without question the most important and most popular sport.

We work with Schools adn Clubs and we arrange friendly tours at any level in different European countries.

So if rugby is your passion, it would be an incredible experience to come to Europe, visit some of the most unforgettable cities in the world, and play the rugby of your dreams in one of the best rugby destinations in the world.

Dream Team Sports Tours have for more than 30 years have organized tours and tournaments for Colleges, High Schools, Club Teams, Academies, Selected Teams, as well professional teams.

We are considered probably one of the oldest and best european rugby travel company specialist with more than 500 tours arranged in the last years.

Choose the length of your trip, let us know your skill level and budget, the Countries you desire to visit …… and we’ll get back to you in a short time with the program of your dreams.

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